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YNA One Year Program

Our main program strikes the delicate balance between a challenging academic curriculum and the ultimate Israel experience. The curriculum uses both a content-based and skills based approach. We are a college promoting, parent friendly environment catering to the needs of the individual. The program is academically tracked with the ability to move and change levels based on personal progress.

YNA British Programme

Our British Programme has been specifically designed to provide a pastoral facility for our students from the UK. The programme includes special Shabbatonim and shiurim exclusively for British students. The programme is under the Directorship of Rabbi Mark Mays, who has studied for semicha and is continuing his learning in the Yeshiva, since returning to Israel in the year 5763 after six years as a Youth Director in London. Rabbi Mays makes himself available to British students who need healp in learning or simply need someone to talk to. For More information Contact our UK Representative, Rav Mark Mays.

One Year Sephardic Program

In keeping with the goal of educating each student in a way most suitable for him, the Yeshiva has instituted a special program for Sephardim. Although much of the day is spent learning in the Beit Midrash and in shiurim alongside their Ashkenazi brethren, the Yeshiva appreciates the importance of keeping the traditions forged for us by our ancestors.The Sephardi program is headed by HaRav Yaakov Darmoni. It begins with a separate daily Shacharit minyan, adhering strictly to Nusach Edot HaMizrach and making use of a Sephardi Sefer Torah procured by the Yeshiva for that purpose.

YNA Shana Bet Program

Given the Yeshiva’s close connection with the Israel Defense Forces, Israeli students and for foreign students who arrive with intent of serving in the IDF (with parental approval) may combine army service with learning in Yeshiva. Students spend one year learning full-time in Yeshiva before entering the IDF.

YNA-IDF Service Route

Unfortunately many hospital visits are often-times challenging and can really demean spirit. Every week a group of YNA students go to Shaare Tzedek Hospital to put smiles on children as well as adults faces that have not smiled in a while. While children receive toys and hear joyous singing, adults love to sing along and forget about what they are in the hospital for.

American Semicha for Education Virtual Halacha Program

Reaching new and more advanced stages in life should only ever enhance ones level of learning. However; Become part of a global beit medrash, joining professionals and students in learning halacha b’iyun in a serious, structured way. The VHP is designed for those who are serious about their learning and care about learning Halacha, knowing how to apply it, and retaining what they learn.