This year around Purim time a bunch of students from Yeshiva went to Sderot to run a carnival for the children of Sderot. This carnival was for kids who don’t have it easy with everything going on in their homes. Not only did the kids have a blast, but the volunteers did too. This carnival helped teach everyone about teamwork and giving up of themselves for others in need. Between all the planning and preparing various booths and showing the kids a good time a lot was to be taken out from it. The smiles that the kids showed us made us smile back and realize we should look out for others in need.
When we first got there, there was this energy coming from all of the volunteers which made me know this would be a big success. When the kids saw everyone dressed up in costumes and saw Netiv returned this year for another awesome time they gave off this energy too. When the booths were ready and the kids came out to play was when we realized we were making a difference. Everyone was cheering on the children at every booth and made them feel pumped up to be there. At the end we gave out gifts and saw the children happily leave and saw how much of a difference Netiv made for these kids.