Learn halacha, Live Halacha.

Learn seriously, with structure, guidance and as part of a chabura; whenever and wherever.

Master Halacha, reach milestones and fulfil your goals – always getting the most out of you Seder

About the Program

Reaching new and more advanced stages in life should only ever enhance the level one is able to learn on. However, we know that after our yeshiva days end, staying connected to a vibrant and exciting learning schedule can be difficult to say the least. That is why we have created the YNA Virtual Halacha Programme.
The VHP is designed for those who are serious about their learning and care about learning Halacha, knowing how to apply it, and keeping what they have learnt.
Whether you are still in Collage or well into a professional carrer, the VHP is designed so that you can easily build it into your schedule and throw you into a vibrant world of learning. Offering a range of levels and benefits, giving you the ability to continue to grow and gain the most from your seder.
With a live weekly shiur and clearly presented maarei mekomot, you will be able to stay on top of your learning in a thorough, systematised way. Each week there will be summaries of what has been learnt, discussion boards to stay involved and all previous material and shuirim will be easily accessible and readily available to anyone in the programme. You will be able to build your seder around your own schedule, and put in the time you desire to learn at your own pace.
Joining the programme immediately links you to the rich mesorah of the Halacha world; taught by Rav Ami Merzel, a close talmid of Rav Avigdor Nevenzhal Shlita, psak halacha, worthy questions and disussions will always remain closely tied to mesorah. there is also a biannual live QnA with HaRav Nevenzhal Shlit’a.

Marei Mekomot

Clearly Uploaded and sent to you each week

Live Stream Shiur

Each week there will be a live Shiur given by the Rosh Chaburah, Rav Ami Merzel​


Whether you are looking for help setting up an online chavruta or in person, we are here and happy to help​

What our Alumni have said:

You learn halachic concepts and open yourself up to think in halachic terms…I was able to see how the most practical and relevant hilchos Shabbos, hilchos moadim, and hilchos berachos questions can be traced back to the Gemara, Rishonim and Acharonim … I [now] have a much deeper understanding of the halachah and a deeper appreciation for the psak.

Rabbi Nati Stern

NSCY Kansas City Director

The semicha program was both in depth learning as well as halacha l’maaseh … [it] was taught with remarkable clarity and focus…

Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter

Rabbi of Hillel, Rutgers University

[Rav Ami’s] students not only [learn] to master the material, but to navigate the halachic process independently… [gaining] invaluable skills … [an] extensive knowledge base and the appreciation of Halacha.

Rabbi James Proops

NCSY Associate Rabbi, Young Israel of Century City

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