Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh is proud to announce new programs L’ilui Nishmat Rav Ari Fuld HY”D

  • Thursday Night Educational Program for our Soldiers in the IDF or going to the IDF. This will include Classes given to current Soldier’s and mentoring our future recruits for the IDF.
  • Thursday Night All Night Learning Program Incentive program for our students.
  • Ari Fuld was a living and breathing example of a life of Torah. Even though the tragedy of Ari’s passing occurred a mere few days before the Succot dedication of the Rennert sefrei Torah, Mr. Rennert, with the help of Rav Bina, was able to include an additional Rennert Torah dedicated in memory of Ari that could be presented to his family. A most appropriate tribute for Ari’s memory.
  • The Yeshiva announces the creation of The Ari Fuld Scholarship. The Ari Fuld Scholarship will be awarded each year to a young couple who embody the goals that Ari championed, which include a love for Eretz Yisroel and viewing each day of life as an opportunity to help others. The scholarship will include an opportunity to learn in the Yeshiva for a year, an apartment, and a monthly stipend. If you are an alumnus and wish to apply contact [email protected].
Rav Ari Fuld was a true hero who loved the Yeshiva and Klal Yisroel. Ari expressed this love through his actions. He would come to learn and teach in Yeshiva as a staff member every day. Even when he left the Yeshiva, he continued to come and learn all Thursday night. He would use his talents to spread a message of love for the land of Israel. The Yeshiva will continue to try and develop these new programs that are true to Ari’s spirit. A terrorist may have attempted to silence Ari and all that he stands for. We will not be silenced. Our response as a Yeshiva will be to do everything we can to honor his memory by creating future Ari Fulds.
Just as Ari lived – may his memory live on brighter and stronger.