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Quote from Rav Bina regarding the Annual Alumni Shabbaton:

This week is Shabbat HaGadol. There are many reasons why this is called Hagadol. The Beis Avraham of Slonim explains that Shabbat HaGadol is similar to Shabbat Shuva. Yom Kippur is on the tenth of the month and Shabbat Hagadol in Egypt was the tenth of the month. The fact is that any Shabbat can be called “Hagadol”, as we say in Birkat Hamazon “ki yom zeh gadol vekadosh”, rather this Shabbat is the gadol of the gedolim, just as the assistant to the king understands that greatness of the king, so too the Shabbat before the holiest night of the year, the night of Divine Revelation, like the assistant to the king.

On a personal note I would like to say everyone received tremendous chizuk from last week’s alumni Shabbaton; no exceptions, even the Rabbanim. We must thank Josh Jaspan, who has the zechut of his grandfather Harry Fishel, and to Chai Rosner whom I cannot thank enough. Thank you to all of the Woodmere families that opened up their homes to host the Rabbanim and alumni, to the rabbanim of DRS for allowing to use the school. Thank you to Ilana Scheiner and her husband Jonathan, Rabbi Dr John Krug and and his wife Phyllis. Special thanks to all the Rabbanim and their wives for allowing their husbands to leave just before Pesach – Rav Amos Luban, Rav Yoel Rackovsky, Rav Dani Bader, Rav Ben Leybovich all came with tremendous mesirut nefesh. And I can’t forget Jon Zar/DJZJ, who added so much Ruach Motzei Shabbat.

The main lesson from this Shabbat was that we are on a journey in this world of being “eved Hashem”, a Jew does not live for himself. I would like to emphasize that being an eved Hashem means bein adam laMakom, try hard not to talk during davening, and bein adam lachavero. We need you and you need us to continue the legacy of Am Yisrael on to the next generation.