The Hamer Project was once again dedicated by Allen and Peggy Chernikoff L’ilui Nishmat their son, our beloved talmid, Daniel Ari ben Avraham Kadosh.

(The Hamer Banquet that took place in the Upper Dining Room of the Yeshiva, as almost 60 students participated!)

The HAMER contest concluded this past Sunday with a Banquet and prizes. The top Matmid was
Ariel Yomtobian and the runners-up were Danny Jaspan and Michael Livi.

As in years past, there was a “400 Club” for anyone who was able to reach at least 400 hours of learning during the 6 week program, and 19 students did it (starred names below)! Every member of the 400 club received a set of Ohr Hachaim Chumashim with a personal message written to him from Rav Bina.

New this year, was a “500 Club” for anyone who was able to reach at least 500 hours of learning during the 6 week program, and 8 students did it (bolded names below)! Besides receiving a set of Ohr Hachaim Chumashim, every member of the 500 club will have the chance for a private meeting with a Gadol.

Ari Aaron (HTC)
Isaac Ariel (NSHA)
Benyamin Arshadnia (MTA)
Adam Baron (TABC)
David Baron (Mesivta Ateres Yaakov)
Avery Bell (Kushner)
Gavi Benchabbat (Frisch)
Yonatan Benchabbat (Frisch)*
Sammy Bernstein (DRS)*
Danny Blank (Kushner)*
Daniel Blankleder (Hasmonean)
Yosef Borochov (DRS)
Yosef Cassell (Harkam Goan Academy)
Ranan Coren (Frisch)
Joshua Denton (Immanuel College)
Joel Ecker-Fierstone (Oaklands College)*
Ely Esses (Magen David)
Shiloh Friedman (Frisch)
Pinchas Gamzo (YULA)
Justin Goldman (TABC)
David Green (Rambam Mesivta)*
Zvi Grossman (DRS)*
Adam Harar (MTA)
Max Herskowitz (MTA)*
Liron Iskhakbayev (MTA)
Dovid Ivry (DRS)
Danny Jaspan (Ramaz)
Benji Kattan (Rambam Mesivta)
Roey Kohanim (NSHA)*

Aaron Koschitzki (Mesivta Ateres Yaakov)
Bryan Lavi (NSHA)*
Yoni Lazarus (TABC)*
Sam Lefton (HTC)*
Ryan Levian (NSHA)
Benjy Levy (DRS)
Yaacov Levy (Hasmonean)
Michael Livi (NSHA)
Jon Malek (Kushner)
Seth Marcus (Rambam Mesivta)*
Tani Mayer (MTA)*
David Ozeri (HAFTR)
Sam Poupko (DRS)
Shaul Rabin (Hasmonean)
Yosef Rafailov (DRS)
Charly Schaechter (Hasmonean)
Shimon Shoshan (DRS)
Jack Silber (Ramaz)*
Yoni Sokel (Mesivta Ateres Yaakov)
Ben Spanjer (Brighton High School)*
Koby Stadtmauer (Kushner)*
Netanel Stern (Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal)*
Yehuda Stock (Mesivta of Montreal)
Zach Swartz (Souhegan High School)
Zach Tuchman (Kushner)
Joshua Wertenteil (TABC)
Sammy Wietschner (Frisch)*
Ariel Yomtobian (NSHA)
Noah Ziv (Columbus Torah Academy)*