Two of our staff members, Rav Shimon Felder and Rav Mark Mays are leading close to fourty of our students in Europe as they learn about the world that was and the Holocaust that destroyed it. This is a email Rav Shimon sent home, together with accompanying video.

Dear Mom, Dad and Esther,

Incredible- I am currently writing to you from my seat on the bus, and next to me is a sefer torah that R’ Krieger has just managed to redeem- the poles are beginning to dismantle the old buildings in the Lodz ghetto (its incredible- as of now there are people [non-Jews] living in the same buildings the jews lived in during the ghetto period) and they discovered a sefer torah buried in the floor- and R’ Krieger arranged for it to be given to Shem Olam and transported back to Israel and it’s going with us! Imagine the people who originally hid it there and were never able to come back for it- HY”D- and now it’s going to be brought to Eretz Yisroel!

We had a hachnasas sefer torah in Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin with the scroll- check it out!

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